March Meeting Recap

March’s Meeting at the Cozy Quilter opened with introductions all around. It was terrific to see several new faces at our meeting this month’s meeting.


(One of Jinny’s quilts that has wonky stars in it!)

Old Business: The Cozy Quilter has been kind enough to have our cards and an email sign up sheet available at their booth at Quilters’ Day Out on Saturday, March 14. We will add those new names to our meeting announcements.

IMG_1737(Erin’s mini quilt)

New Business: Erin shared her trip to QuiltCon in Austin. She reported that the experience was both overwhelming and inspiring. Quilts from all over the world reflected the beauty, innovation, whimsy, skill, and color found in modern quilts. Want to take a look at some of this year’s quilts? Here’s a terrific link that shows the winners.

IMG_1744(Jinny’s wonky star quilt in progress)

Demonstration: Jinny did a wonderful job demonstrating how to make and use wonky stars. Her work was inspired by Gwen Marston and her book, Liberated Quilting. The workshop was such a success, we all decided that our next collaborative charity quilt should be made with wonky star blocks.





APRIL 12 MEETING: Erin will demonstrate various binding techniques. We will meet at the Cozy Quilter at 1 PM. Feel free to arrive early and stay late, if you’d like. The Cozy Quilter welcomes us at noon until they close at 5. As always, purchases made on guild days receive a 15% discount. We will finalize the color palette for our Wonky Charity Quilt and review how to get ready the project.

IMG_1738(Janet with the adorable bag and pouch that Emily made her for last year’s Secret Santa swap)

MAY 17 MEETING: (Notice this is NOT our usual second Sunday of the month as The Cozy Quilter is closed May 10, Mother’s Day.) This will be our sewing day for our Collaborative Charity Quilt. We will be making nine patch blocks that include wonky stars. Most likely, we will do it with bright red/orange (warm) colors and bright blue/green (cool) colors. Squares will be 4 1/2” for a 12 inch (finished) block. We will plan to do our sewing together during our MAY 17 guild meeting. Please encourage attendance as we will review wonky stars before we begin.

November Meeting Recap


Sandra opened the meeting with old business. We approved the by-laws at our October meeting, which is the first step in joining the Modern Quilt Guild national organization next year. We need nominations for a slate of officers and committee chairs by our December meeting. This is self-nominating, so please let Erin, Vickie or Sandra know what you would be willing to do next year.

We will vote at the January meeting. Here are the offices for your consideration:

President — will run the meetings and co-ordinate the other officers and chairs. He or she will be instrumental in leading the group to membership in the national guild.

Vice-President — will assist the President and run meetings in the absence of the President. He or she will be instrumental in developing the programming for our group, as well as for assisting with the requirements for membership in the national guild.

Secretary — will be responsible for taking the minutes and reading the minutes at each meeting and for getting the minutes to the Communications Chair within 5 days. He or she will be responsible for assisting with the requirements for membership in the national guild.

Treasurer — will be responsible for keeping accurate financial records, leading the effort to open a bank account, and making sure the group complies with all of the regulations related to being a non-profit group. He or she will also assist with the requirements for membership in the national guild.

There is more specific information in the by-laws. Contact Sandra for a copy if you need one.

We would also like to have the following committees and positions.

Photography — this person would be responsible for taking the photos and getting them to the Communications Chair or posted on Flickr within 5 days.

Communications Chair — Responsible for using the minutes and photos to write the blog, updating Facebook, and finding other ways to get the word out about our group. He or she would work closely with the photographer and the Membership Chair.

Membership Chair — Keep an accurate listing of members and help recruit new members. Work with Communications Chair on outreach.

PLEASE let Sandra, Erin or Vickie know at the December luncheon if you are interested in any of these positions!


Sunday, Dec. 14 — Lunch at the North End Cafe, 1722 Frankfort Ave., 1 p.m.
Sunday, Jan. 11 — We will vote on  officers at our January meeting, 12 -4 at the Cozy Quilter. Meeting portion begins at 1 p.m.

Business Cards: We discussed having business cards made for members to carry and give to anyone interested in our guild. We could also leave some at the local quilt shops. The cost would be about $35.00, but we decided to wait until we have a bank account to deposit dues before paying out money for cards.

Dues:  $30 per year, due in January. Those of us who paid the full $30 last year will only need to pay $15. This is because we paid in July and the dues are pro-rated for 1/2 year. Anyone attending meetings in 2014 who did not pay dues will be asked to pay $15 in addition to the $30 for 2015. Guests may attend 2 meetings before being asked to pay dues.

Name Tags: Kudos to Jinny and Jane who wore their name-tags to the November meeting. Beginning in January, please wear your name-tags to the meetings!



Save the date: March 14thQuilter’s Day Out

Jane  is making an I-Spy quilt, so please bring novelty fabric scraps that you no longer want or need for her collection!


This fabulous quilt by Erin is the result of a workshop with Denyse Schmidt. They used the paper-bag method of improvisational quilting. There were three different paper bags: one with small scraps, one with medium sized scraps and the last with large scraps.

The idea is to incorporate whatever scrap you pull from the bag (without looking) into your quilt. They began with three bags of Denyse Schmidt fabric, then switched to bags of their personal stashes. Hmmm. Sounds like a fun project for our group! Look at the results!



Next, Roberta wowed us with an amazing array of quilts. She used a pattern called Turning Twenty — so named because you use 20 fat quarters to complete the project — on two of her quilts. Look at the amazing combination of pattern and color and the unique patterns she created. Far from the traditional Turning Twenty patterns!



These gorgeous fabrics are from Australia.

24-IMG_2212The incredible quilting can really be seen on the back.

Roberta  called this version of Turning 20 a sister quilt. Such modern use of color and pattern!


Roberta had some incredible fabric and asked herself, “What am I going to do with this?” She decided to keep it simple, showing off the beauty of the fabric, but cutting the curves with simple bands of black. Stunning!


Here’s an excellent example of the use of negative space in modern quilting. This quilt top uses beautiful fabrics to create the focal point, leaving space for whatever quilting Roberta decides on. Can’t wait to see the results!


Last, but not least, another very modern quilt top. What an inspiration! Thanks, Roberta, for sharing your amazing work!


Vickie brought her completed Victory Garden quilt, a pattern from Busy Bee Quilts.  She used the Union Jack pattern to make this fun quilt for her granddaughter who was born in England.

– 2015 programs

January — Bring your favorite tool to the meeting and demonstrate its use!

It was suggested that we look into the use of alternative grids — maybe a prospect for a workshop, demonstration or lecture in 2015.

Jane will demonstrate how to make a pillow top using a Quilt-As-You-Go method.

Finish up your quilts for Quilter’s Day Out. We want to have lots of great examples of modern quilting to share.

We will also look at taking a traditional block and making it modern. Be thinking about your favorite block and how to update it. Denyse Schmidt has made a career of doing this, so check out her website link above.

If you have other ideas, please bring them to the luncheon Dec. 11. See you there!



November meeting guest speaker Melissa Mortenson

November Meeting Guest Speaker: Melissa Mortenson at The Cozy Quilter in Middletown, Ky.

Erin introduced our guest speaker, Melissa Mortenson of The Polka Dot Chair! Melissa is from Utah, but moved to Kentucky when she married. She currently lives in Oldham County with her husband and three children where she sews, quilts,  crafts and blogs.

Here’s Melissa with a copy of her new book, “Project Teen,” which is full of great projects for teens and up.


Her book includes some great gift ideas for Christmas, including the men on your list!


This AMAZING quilt (above and below) uses printable fabric that you can run through an ink jet printer after creating your design on the computer. Melissa included lots of novelty fabrics in a color scheme suited to the gift recipient, as well as quotes that pertain to her (or his) life and loves. 01-IMG_2151
Another fabulous gift idea — a lap quilt that combines large and small prints with gorgeous colors. This large pattern uses all fat quarters and is a real  time saver


Think of all the great possibilities for this pocket quilt: a place to put a good book, a tablet, etc. Perfect for kids to take to a sleepover! Or imagine this done with men’s shirt fabric and the pockets can hold the remotes.



Want to use some of those T-shirts, but don’t have time for an entire quilt? What about a great T-shirt pillow, using both the front and the back of the T-shirt for the project?


We loved this seasonal pillow on wool. What a great way to use some of those decorative stitches on your sewing machine, as well as some fun trim and buttons.


Look at this fabulous bag with leather straps.


And another with specialty handles.


Not only does Melissa have a recent book, her new  line of fabric for Riley Blake, called “Derby Style” is now out with plenty of time to make some very cool Derby items! Here is a selection from Melissa.


15-IMG_2198  30-IMG_2223

The beautiful quilting was done by Natalia Bonner of Piece N Quilt.

You can find many of these projects and more in Melissa’s book, “Project Teen,” and on her blog in the tutorial section, here and  here.

We asked Melissa where she gets her inspiration. She says that she reads a lot, and not from her same field. She likes to get a fresh perspective from scrapbooking or fashion, something totally different from crafts and quilting.

She even gets ideas for colors, patterns and textures from her trips to Cabela’s sporting goods store and car shows with the family, as well as from her travels, the retail world, and, of course, Pinterest!

Sometimes her ideas are need-based, such as that day when she thought, “I wish I had a pocket in my blanket.”

Thanks Erin, for bringing us this inspirational guest speaker, who has sparked many creative ideas for gift giving this season and beyond!

October Meeting Recap


Sandra presented a set of by-laws for our group which were unanimously approved! This is our first step toward joining The Modern Quilt Guild next year.

The next step is to elect officers, which we will do in January. However, we need a list of interested members by December. Several people expressed a willingness to take on a leadership position for next year, but we still need your help. Here are some of the officers and committee chairs we will need.

President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer

This group will be responsible for developing a timeline and completing the actions necessary for becoming members of The Modern Quilt Guild in 2015! Here’s an opportunity to be part of this exciting process — founding officers!

We will also need the following: a communications chair to manage the blog, Facebook and other social media, and a membership chair to keep track of members and help increase our membership, perhaps in conjunction with the Communications Chair.


We had a great time working together on a quilt to donate to Project Linus. Erin brought fabric from her stash, along with her Accuquilt and dies to help up along. Bill volunteered to take the blocks and pieces we finished and sew them all together at home. Here is the fabulous result!


Marie donated this beautiful quilt she started several years ago and was motivated to finish for our project.


Juliet used fabric Erin’s stash and her own to create this fun, fantastic quilt. She even has the backing based on and ready to quilt!



Vickie and Karen pieced this quilt in calming neutrals.


Sandra re-purposed this lively blue fabric that she had once been intended to make a shower curtain, but now serves as the perfect background for her colorful nine-patch.


Can’t wait to see the final products!


Sandra took the Michael Miller fabric challenge from The Modern Quilt Guild to create this minimalist, contemporary quilt of her own design. Check out her blog, One million stitches, for more about this quilt and others, as well as some great tutorials.


Janet brought this finished Peacock that she designed and will teach at The American Needlepoint Guild. We are a multi-talented group!


Jane used an on-line tutorial to create this awesome pillow-top using low volume prints and a Quilt-As-You-Go technique. She will share this technique with us in 2015 at one of our guild meetings.


 Last up was Vickie. She made this lap quilt from a design she saw on The Silly Boodilly Blog about a year ago.  She used Peppered Cottons which are a type of shot cotton. Shot cottons use two different colored threads to create the solid, providing a shot of color. Peppered Cottons may be purchased at The Cozy Quilter in Middletown.09-20141012_141011


 On Marie’s suggestion, Sandra will bring our LMQG business cards to the next meeting so that members will have them when talking with prospective new members.

Also, we want to start wearing the name-tags that some of us made when we first started the guild. If you don’t have one, that’s your challenge for November. Make and wear your name-tag!

At the October meeting, we had lots of fun shopping for three fat quarters for the Supply Your Santa activity. We put three fat quarters into a bag, along with some ideas for the type of quilted product we might like (table runner, tote bag, zipper bag, etc.) Then we mixed up the bags and each chose one. Now, WE are the Santa who will make something out of those three fat quarters (and a few solids if we choose) and bring them to the December luncheon to share.

Don’t miss the November meeting, Sunday Nov. 9 from noon to 4 p.m. at The Cozy Quilter in Middletown, Ky., when we will have Melissa Mortenson, author of “Project Teen,” as our guest speaker. Her presentation will begin at 1 p.m.. She has all kinds of modern quilting projects to share with us, many that we might use in our Supply Your Santa activity! You can see some of her ideas at The Polka Dot Chair blog.

See you in November — with your name tags!!

P.S.  Check out for free online workshops related to all kinds of creative endeavors, including quilting.

September Meeting Recap


Our guild worked together to create quilts for Project Linus.  Click on the link to learn more about this wonderful nonprofit that provides handmade blankets and quilts for ill or traumatized children.

The Cozy Quilter is a drop-off point for the project and we are happy to be a part of it. Everyone had a great time!


Bill volunteered to take our unfinished project home and finish the quilt top. He will bring the quilt top to the October meeting. We are looking for volunteers to finish the quilts using simple line quilting or tying.






Marie donated a quilt she started years ago and is now motivated to finish! Thank you Bill and Marie.

20140914_150904BUSINESS MEETING

Old Business:

Erin has confirmed that Melissa Mortenson, whose blog you can check out at Polka Dot Chair, and who has recently published “Project Teen,” will be the guest speaker at our November meeting. Mark your calendars for this one!  (Sunday, Nov. 9 at 1 p.m.  at The Cozy Quilter in Middletown. As always, you can come early to shop, sew or socialize. The shop is open from noon to 4 p.m.. Our business meeting and programs begin at 1 p.m.)

Melissa will bring us lots of great ideas for Christmas gifts to make — fun, quick, and sure to please. Click on the links above to learn more.

New Business:

In order to join The Modern Quilt Guild, there are several steps we must take.

1. Develop and vote on by-laws. Sandra is working on this and will present the by-laws at our October meeting. Please come to share your thoughts and vote on the by-laws (Sunday, Oct. 12, at 1 p.m. at the Cozy Quilter.)

2. Elect officers. (We need nominations and volunteers for the offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.) We would also like to have someone who will act as photographer and a person to manage the blog and Facebook page. We will vote on officers in January.

3. Once we have officers and by-laws, we need to develop Articles of Incorporation

4. Apply for an EIN number,

5. Open a bank account

When we have done all of these things, we fill out the membership application for the Modern Quilt Guild. We will then receive 501C7 status through the national guild.

Jane, who is an individual member of The Modern Quilt Guild, noted the advantages of being a part of the national guild. There are opportunities for free fabric, challenges, educational opportunities and the inspiration of being part of a well-organized and professional organization.


Supply Your Santa

Here’s how it works. Bring three fat quarters of your choice (or buy them at the Cozy Quilter that day). We’ll draw names for our Santas. You’ll give your fat quarters and some information about yourself to your Santa. Your Santa will make something for you, using the fat quarters and optional solids, and bring it to the December meeting. I’m sure we’ll get lots of great ideas about what to make from Melissa Mortenson at our November meeting!

Sandra is working on a short questionnaire that we’ll fill out at the October meeting that will give our Santa a little insight into what we might like him or her to make for us with the fat quarters.

Sandra closed the meeting and work on our charity quilt began!

See you next month.

September meeting announcement

Join us for our September meeting Sunday, Sept. 14, when we’ll have an afternoon sew-in for charity. We meet at The Cozy Quilter, 12204 Shelbyville Rd. in Louisville. The store is open from noon to 4 p.m., and we’ll begin the business portion of our meeting at 1 p.m., when we’ll decide which charity(s) will receive our quilts.

This is a chance to work on or finish a WIP in your stash that you wouldn’t mind donating to a worthy cause. You can bring fabric and start something new, but there will also be fabric available — thanks to Erin for donating it — that you can use as well!

We hope you’ll come join the fun and do something good for someone in need.

July and August Meeting Recap

Business Meeting


In July, we discussed how we build our fabric stashes and how we store them. Most of us purchased fat quarters and half yard cuts with some larger pieces for quilt backs. The majority of the group keeps their fabric in bins, often organized by color and sometimes by fabric line. Some have their fabric stored on shelves and Jill uses comic book boards to store hers. We talked a lot about the types of prints we collect and if we buy whole lines or individual cuts – everyone does this differently. Some of us keep scraps, organized by color, and others toss small pieces that they won’t use. One member even sub cuts her scraps into useable squares (2.5” and 5”).

For show and tell, Erin and Jill brought in the quilts that they made for the St. Agnes Carnival. Casey had her Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller challenge quilt that she planned on giving as a gift.

We collected dues ($30) and discussed upcoming events including the August demo meeting and the September charity sew-in.


Erin opened the meeting with information about next month’s Charity Quilt Sew-In… Sunday, September 14 from 12 – 4 at the Cozy Quilter in Middletown.

We’ll be working together to make lap quilts using long strips of fabrics or 5 x 5 squares.This should be a lot of fun, so bring your sewing machine and supplies as well as any fabric you would like to donate to the cause!  Erin will be bringing lots of fabric, so it is fine if you just bring your willing hands. Marie (a new member) asked if we could bring quilts or quilt tops to donate, and the answer is YES!

At the end of the day, we may ask for volunteers to finish up the quilts and or quilt them with a simple grid pattern. If you have ideas for who might need and enjoy our quilts, bring your ideas to the meeting!

Erin also reviewed the calendar through December and collected dues ($30) from the group.

September 14:  Charity Quilt Sew-In

October 12: Supply Your Santa (Bring 3 Fat Quarter of your choice. Your Secret Santa will make something from the 3 fat quarters (plus solids if desired) and present it to you at our December meeting.)

November 9: Guest Speaker

December 14:  Luncheon and Secret Santa Swap

Mark your calendars!!


Perfect Curves 

The focus for our August meeting was short demonstrations. Hannah started us off with an excellent demonstration on how to quickly cut and sew curves, or quarter circles. She uses a template, a rotary cutter, and cuts four pieces of fabric at a time to save time.



Next, Hannah folds each piece of the pattern (above) in half to find the center point and pins the fabric, right sides together. She also places a pin at each end.


If you have a machine with the needle down option, it is helpful to use this setting to keep everything in place in case you have to stop in the middle of the process. Hannah starts at one end and sews completely around the curve, making sure the edges are aligned at the point where the needle enters the fabric. Some tips for curves that don’t pucker include the following: don’t handle the fabric too much, keep a light touch on the fabric, don’t pull or push the fabric through, use starch to keep the fabric from stretching, try fabric to fabric glue in the seam line, or try longer stitches to ease out the pucker.


Last, press the seam toward the belly of the curve unless there is a good reason (such as nesting seams) to press them away or to press them open (to avoid bulk).

We discussed whether or not to clip the seams and the general consensus was that if the fabric is puckering to the extent that you feel you need to clip the seam, perhaps it would be better to rip it out and start again. Or, to sum it up, “Rip it. Don’t clip it.”

Hannah added this advice: “Don’t be afraid, but fear the blade,” meaning don’t be afraid to use the rotary cutter with the template. It is much easier and quicker than tracing the pattern and cutting with scissors. However, do be careful of that blade! It is very sharp.

Here are two of Hannah’s incredible and creative quilts using this technique.


Four Flying Geese (and no wasted fabric)

Next up was Erin, with a very helpful demonstration on how to make the Flying Geese Pattern with no waste!  (You can find all of the information and specific measurements for this technique right here on Erin’s blog post from House on Hill Road.)

Here are photos from the demonstration, but her tutorial is awesome, so go there for the details!





Easy Angler 

Our last demonstration was by Sandra, who showed us a very useful tool called The Angler 2 for sewing half square triangles and other angles.

Remember, it’s important to keep the key to help align your needle properly each time with the Angler 2 tool.


The Angler 2 comes with a key piece that you cut from the original sheet in the package. It has a hole where you place your needle; once that’s in place, you use the key to put the remaining portion of the template on your machine.


Once the remaining portion of the Angler 2 is taped to your machine, you can remove your template, and you’re ready to start sewing half-square triangles — without having to mark the fabric!


Start with a leader and once you’ve sewn that through, carefully align one corner of the square under your needle. The other corner’s tip should align perfectly with middle line on the Angler 2. Hold on to the leader piece a little firmly and go slowly for the first few stitches. This will help prevent your machine from eating the tip. Once you’re past the feed hole, just keep sewing, using the middle line as a guide  and voila — a perfect diagonal line! If you need to sew 1/4 seams from the center, the Angler 2 has lines both on the right and left side that you can use as guides.


Terrific demonstrations! Thank you for helping the guild advance our skills.

Share the Work 

It was only fitting that Cheryl shared her beautiful Texas quilt, since she will be leaving us to move back to Texas. We will miss her and her wonderful quilting! Happy sewing, Cheryl.


Cheryl also shared an intricate pillow based on separate fabric triangles folded and sewn into a pattern. Wow!


Vickie shared two Union Jack quilt tops she has been working on. The red one is for her two-year-old granddaughter who was born in England, but has just moved back to the United States. Hooray!



Color Wheel Challenge

Vickie took herself up on the color challenge, creating a series of wonky quilt blocks with her hand-dyed fabric. She used a tetrad: orange, red-violet, blue, and yellow-green.


She also has several works-in-progress: a series of birds using both the tetrad and the triad on the color wheel.



And last, but not least, a monochromatic landscape, using the concept of color value to create contrast.


Thanks to everyone for a great meeting! See you at the September meeting. Remember to bring your sewing machines and rotary cutters, along with fabric if you have some you’d like to donate.